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today we bring to you Ultimaker 2 Review

Printer Specifications

  • Max Build Height  20 CM
  • Max Build Width 22 CM
  • Max Build Depth 23 CM
  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)  
  • Polylactic acid (PLA ) 
  • Frame Material  Glass, Aluminum
  • LCD Screen
  • Open Source
  • Upgradeable Print Heads
  • Ease of Use
  • Warranty Three month
  • Support 
  • Availability FAQs , Tutorials 
  • USB Cable  , SD Card
  • Work with almost Operating Systems

it takes but half-hour to setup the printer. however the initial setup method is vulnerable to accidental presses of the button, it doesn’t have a “redo” or “back” button. This isn’t such an enormous deal as a result of you'll begin the whole initial setup once more however it's still a small annoyance.

I had it shipped to my table at Sony PlayStation (I trust our shipping department, far better than effort it unattended ahead of my door at home), and that i set it up right there for a number of days. It glows bright whereas it’s on, and it certain caught people’s attention, some folks thought it absolutely was a mini refrigerator.

The packaging it came in appears safe enough. it's definitely dirty, there was plenty of cardboard junk within the printer. you must positively vacuum clean the printer, and clean the build plate, once you initial twig out of the box. You don’t need the dirt to urge into the mechanical parts, and you don’t need dirt to hinder the thermal conduction between the glass plate and therefore the heater.

The build quality is astounding and solid. the sole 2 issues I moon-faced was that the filament guide didn’t very slot in till I filed down some plastic thereon, associated additionally feeding within the filament into the feeder takes an threate quantity of pushing. The spring loaded wheel within the feeder is pretty tight, thus don’t be afraid to use a little of muscle.

The printer is pretty quiet, that may be a sign of solid construction. however generally you’ll hear an excellent loud squeak, that really comes from the big filament spool rotating. This simply suggests that the spool and therefore the spool holder ar rubbing, that is traditional, thus don’t worry, nothing is breaking, simply add some oil. The metal parts don’t create threate noises. The fan is pretty loud although.

I am more than happy with the accuracy and exactness of the ensuing written components. The surface is sleek. components that ought to mate fits utterly. I’ve written things like a holder for loose allen keys and that they match utterly. I’ve written options like cavities for insane and standoffs and they’ve match utterly. I’ve even written pretend insane to insert into those cavities and that they additionally match utterly. This printer is certainly terribly precise.

Remember, a solid construction and durable frame suggests that less vibrations. Less vibrations suggests that the motors and components ar allowed to maneuver quicker with less pausing to settle, giving quicker printing with higher exactness. I leave my printer on the ground to reduce vibrations, as a result of my table is slightly shaky.

The microcode is extremely smart. The slicer package provided is additionally excellent. Advanced/expert choices ar accessible, you simply got to unhide them. Rotating, resizing, and moving models is straightforward. there's an honest preview mode that really shows the toolpath. repetition to a American state card and ejecting the American state card (aka “safely take away hardware”) takes 2 button clicks. This printer solely prints exploitation the American state card, that is really nice as a result of I don’t need to run a cable from my portable computer thereto throughout a eight hour print.

It is terribly straightforward to sit down a camera on the printer and make a live video stream of the printing. I did that a number of times already. i used to be ready to check the progress of the print whereas looking. The LEDs within the printer ar super bright, creating it excellent for showing off. If you broadcast the video stream to the general public, expect plenty of comments requesting guns and dildos.

It feels like the pinnacle is intended for twin extruders however straight away only 1 is put in. The Ultimaker team is functioning on a twin extruder addon.


David Hana

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