Introducing Ultimaker 2 - 3D Printer

Introducing Ultimaker 2 to make higher, quicker and less complicated ASCII text file 3D Printing

Ultimaker, a pioneering and victory 3D printer, nowadays launches Ultimaker two, Associate in Nursing ASCII text file 3D printer for a lot of correct and quicker results with less complicated process. the newest printer is to form its beginning at world conferences as well as Brooklyn Navy Yard\'s NewLab, Chamber of Commerce conference in larger Manchester and Maker Faire in the big apple.

Ultimaker two comes with a customisable software package known as Cura. The introduction of the new printer conjointly coincides with the launch of YouMagine, a cooperative on-line community to facilitate a clever and simple 3D printing expertise for each professionals and enthusiasts.

Cura, Ultimaker 2\'s native software package, has the flexibility to pre-process 3D files sixty times quicker than the standard slicing engines which might take up to Associate in Nursing hour. \"Speed typically contains a massive impact on the 3D printing expertise, and that we have spent plenty of your time and energy to come back up with the quickest technology*. Our machine is thus quick that the engine finishes process before you have got the chance to press print,\" says Ultimaker Founder, Erik DE Bruijn. The software package conjointly permits users to print even quicker with a draft choice for prototyping.

In keeping with its ASCII text file polymer, Ultimaker conjointly launches YouMagine, the primary on-line 3D printing community that permits users not solely to transfer files however conjointly to make on every others\' work, share styles, initiate sponsored challenges and collaborate on comes.

\"We wish to offer folks, for the primary time in history, terribly precise management over however matter is organized with 3D printing,\" adds DE Bruijn. \"Instead of simply sharing .stl files, YouMagine permits the community to share native files. like Google Docs, YouMagine permits for synchronic, shared written material sessions to switch existing styles or group on new ones. Users will transfer a file from our web site, save to Associate in Nursing Coyote State file, print and see the results among minutes. Ultimaker is seeding YouMagine with ASCII text file style apps in order that users will customise the tools with none programming expertise. it\'s our aim to make a different 3D printing expertise that does not need any specialist skills. By creating the method a lot of intuitive, users do not have to be compelled to apprehend syntax anymore; they will merely take things from a drawer, build a print and see what happens.\"

The minimalist style of the Ultimaker 2 makes it pleasant for each fashionable home setting and inventive space. Its advance technology conjointly permits quiet printing, that produces solely forty nine decibels of sound (three times a whisper). once the print is completed, the output is free from the heated plate which implies that no mussy peeling is needed.

At a retail value of €1895, the Ultimaker 2 supports printing on multiple materials and wi-fi connections. Its printing envelope is twenty two.5x22.5x20.5cm, and its body size is thirty five.8x33.8x38.8cm.

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